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Farm2Folk is not just a grocery app; it's a commitment to fresher, healthier living. We bring the farm to your table, connecting you with local farmers and producers to provide you with the freshest, farm-to-table ingredients.

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About the Customizable Grocery Shopping App

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Main Modules

User Registration and Authentication:

User Registration: Allow users to create Ensure secure login through passwords or authentication methods like biometrics.

Admin Panel:

Product Management: Admins can add, update, and remove products from the catalog. Order Management: View and manage incoming orders, update order statuses, and handle exceptions.

Push Notifications

Send personalized notifications about order status, promotions, or new customization options to keep users engaged.


Extensive Catalog: Browse a wide range of products, from farm-fresh produce to artisanal cheeses.

Farmers’ Market Experience: Discover unique, local items you won’t find in traditional grocery stores.

Customized Orders: Tailor your grocery list to your preferences, including dietary restrictions.

Delivery & Pickup: Choose between doorstep delivery or convenient pickup options.

Recipe Suggestions: Get inspired with recipe recommendations based on your purchases.

User Registration

Includes Google sign-in, log-in with phone number, and traditional login with details like name, email, password, phone number, etc.

Product Catalog

Search and Filters: Enable users to search for specific items and apply filters to narrow down their choices.

Shopping Cart

Cart Management: Users can add, remove, and modify items in their shopping cart.

Checkout and Payment:

Payment Gateway Integration: Securely handle payment processing.

Delivery and Pickup Scheduling

Delivery Address: Users can input their delivery address or select a pickup location.

Integration with Farmers and Suppliers

Tools for Farmers: Provide a platform for local farmers and suppliers to manage their product listings.

Flutter SDK

It provides a fast development experience with its hot-reload feature, which allows viewing code changes immediately without restarting the app.

Flutter Riverpod

This is used for state management. Provides a provider-based architecture that allows easy dependency injection and separation of concerns.



This is used for crashlytics, analytics, and push notifications. It helps identify and fix app issues quickly, improving the overall user experience.



This is utilized for the local database. The platform provides a lightweight and fast solution for storing data locally on the device.



This is for HTTP calls. It provides a simple and powerful way to make network requests and handle responses.



This is used for the database. It provides support for SQL queries and transactions, making it an excellent choice for storing and retrieving data.

Firebase Admin SDK

Used for the APIs for managing user authentication and user data from the server side. This includes user management and password management.


Provides a set of default configurations that allows fast building and deployment of applications without spending time configuring every aspect.


Spring Boot

Chosen for its scalability, simple configuration, and easy testing. It has a range of tools and features for testing, making it easier to write tests and ensure good performance.



Allows mapping of Java objects to database tables. It eliminates the need to write boilerplate SQL code.


Spring Security

Allows mapping of Java objects to database tables. It eliminates the need to write boilerplate SQL code.


JWT authentication

Provides a stateless way to authenticate and authorize users, eliminating the need for server-side sessions. It can be easily integrated with Spring Security.

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